Ad hoc Marktreport January 2022

Short summary

In the current Ad hoc Marktreport issue January 2022 of the office of the Advisory Committee for the Values of Properties in Berlin, the current market development  for building land in the individual residential building (single and two-family houses) is presented based on purchase cases in the observation period August to October 2021. This is done in such a way that the purchase prices are divided by the respective standard land value (BRW) as of 01.01.2021.


The average increase for whole Berlin from 01.01.2021 to the end of October 2021 is 28% (or the mean value of the purchase prices for the period under consideration is 128% of the mean standard land value as of 01.01.2021).

The information on the groupings borough and urban residential location is presented below:

Zahlen aus Ad hoc Marktbericht November 2021